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Know Yourself By Speaking Your Story

What Our Client's have to say About Us

I found Christine to be a great listener to what I was trying to do and a help to me in honing my thought and ideas. Christine also challenged me and supported me in our work together.
She was also an enormous source of encouragement, especially when the project seemed too big to do at times. In retrospect, I believe Christine set me up to succeed beyond my wildest dreams 
Mark Scannell.png

Mark Scannell, CPCC, PCC

Playwright and Performer, “The Season of One Man’s Life”

I hired Christine McHugh because the first time I saw one of her productions, I realized it had everything in it that I love: wit, intelligence, compassion, irreverence, and most importantly, sharp insight into the human condition. I just KNEW that the book I had been writing for nearly a year could come alive on stage in a way I had not known was possible.
Christine has this amazing ability to separate the pure gems so that they shine on stage. If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your stories into a stunning performance that will wow audiences the world over, - hire Christine.
Jeff Jacobson.png

Jeff Jacobson, CPCC

Playwright and Performer:Hard Left: Three Acts on Four Wheels

Faculty for The CoActiveTraining Institute

As someone who has given and gotten feedback over the years I recognize when someone has the ability to make the work better.  It's a rare talent and Christine has it. 
I felt that working with Christine, each step of the process got me closer to a final product with which I was happy.  I really enjoyed working with her.
Marc Sotkin.png

Marc Sotkin, CPCC

former head writer and executive producer of Laverne & Shirley, The Golden Girls, and creator of online content. 


As Ilyana Van Zant says “How can you testify if you haven’t had a test?”

If you want your life to take off into the stratosphere, hire Christine McHugh.

If you want to seek your inner core with the intention of claiming it, hire Christine McHugh.

If you’re longing to know what you are REALLY made of, I think you know what to do.

Hire Christine McHugh.

I know, believe in and celebrate myself. I hired Christine McHugh

Akasha Halsey.png

Akasha Halsey, CPCC

Playwright and Performer of “Made of Cotton” and “In Dog Years I’m Dead”

Faculty for The Co-Active Training Institute

Working with Christine McHugh is like putting your creativity on steroids. Her expert direction, coaching, artfulness and intuition will guide you to craft a great project and performance. Be ready to become more amazing than you believe you are, because whatever limitations you think you have will be dispelled at the hands of this master.
The work with Christine goes far beyond whatever the project is – it is great work for life itself. Do it.
Nancy Conger.jpg

Nancy Conger, CPCC, PCC

- Playwright and Performer of “The Truth About Women and Horses”

- Author of “Sensuous Living: Expand Your Sensory Awareness.”

- Faculty for The Co-Active Training Institute

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