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A Storytelling Workshop For a New You

Sound Familiar...?


I start out for the gym, but end up end up at the bar

Business is booming, but it's ruining all the fun.
I'm working hard and I'm 90% there, but its all or nothing.
If you're tired of telling these kinds of stories, here's a unique approach to creating the life you want...


In this 6-week series of classes and coaching, you will focus on a story from your life that no longer works for you.


Using storytelling techniques, you'll rewrite it into a story that personifies a fulfilled version of yourself. Through personalized assignments and guidance, you'll take action in your life to ensure your new story is a true story.


The course completes with you declaring your success story from the stage.

Professional Coaches Christine McHugh and Michael Vav both lead the course – with personalized coaching to ensure you get the attention and support you need to get real results.


This hybrid of classes and coaching empowers you to create and take your own next steps to a new you.

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