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Know Yourself By Speaking Your Story

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Christine McHugh...

is a Life Coach/Consultant, Christine has worked with dozens of clients, guiding them through personal and professional challenges, and helping them unlock their full potential through storytelling.


Her empathetic and intuitive approach creates a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their aspirations, overcome obstacles, and find their own unique path to self-actualization.

Bible Study Group

You are the author of your experience which means that you have the power to rewrite your life to reflect the truth of your experience – that you are a perfect human being doing your best at every moment with your given circumstances. The challenge to living that truth grounded in self-compassion lies in a lifetime of egocentric karmic conditioning/self-hate that ensures we always strive but never achieve.


Christine's process can help remake those negative beliefs so that you can ascend with greater freedom to the heights you were born to achieve. She is both the mirror of reflection and the hammer of reforging to help you actualize your highest self. 

Know Yourself By
Speaking Your Story

Upcoming Worshops

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Speak Your Truth
Empowering Your Personal Voice Through Storytelling

Next Session, July 7 - August 11


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The Heroine's Journey
Storytelling Beyond The Patriarchy


Attentive Audience
Working with Christine McHugh is like putting your creativity on steroids. Her expert direction, coaching, artfulness and intuition will guide you to craft a great project and performance. Be ready to become more amazing than you believe you are, because whatever limitations you think you have will be dispelled at the hands of this master.
The work with Christine goes far beyond whatever the project is – it is great work for life itself. Do it.
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Nancy Conger, CPCC, PCC

- Playwright and Performer of “The Truth About Women and Horses”

- Author of “Sensuous Living: Expand Your Sensory Awareness.”

- Faculty for The Co-Active Training Institute

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